Who We Are

The City College of New York’s STEM Institute is a challenging academic enrichment organization designed to encourage under-represented minority middle and high school students to maximize their academic potential by providing them with educational programs in college-level study.

The STEM Institute prepares students for the greater demands of college-level study and helps them adjust to campus life. It offers academic and tutoring support services designed to help students prepare for these unique challenges.

The STEM Institute was initiated in 1992, with the support of NASA and CAHSEE, to ensure that Hispanic Americans, females, and other under-represented minority students achieve academic excellence by means of continuous programmatic support during their pre-college, undergraduate, and graduate years.

The STEM Institute offers courses in the physical sciences, mathematics, English, Computer programming, Engineering, and more. We are constantly growing, as we adapt to best cater to students’ needs. The STEM Institute also provides a select group of students with the opportunity to conduct research with faculty at The Grove School of Engineering. All students who participate are encouraged to pursue careers in the fields of engineering, technology, science, business, and/or mathematics.

All of the STEM Institute’s programs are entirely free, and this is all thanks to our partners who make it possible. The STEM Institute is a collaborative initiative between The City College of New York’s Office of the Senior Associate Provost, the New York City Council’s 10th District, the STEP Program, the Lincoln Fund, the Dorr Foundation, Standard Chartered, the New York City Department of Education, and the Center for the Advancement of Hispanics in Science and Engineering Education (CAHSEE).

What We Offer 

After School Program

The After School Program was launched for middle school students that live or attend school, in Northern Manhattan. For Spring 2023, this program takes place online.

Saturday Program

The Saturday Program was launched to provide college-like courses in campus setting during the academic year. We offer a variety of different courses designed to motivate high school students to pursue STEM careers in universities after high school.

Obtain one-to-one tutoring, help with homework, and much more!

Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge Program is specifically for incoming 9th graders during the summer. It is designed to help ease students transition into high school by bridging the academic gap between 8th grade and high school. Our courses emphasize group work, writing, presentations, research, and much more.

Summer Institute

The STEM Institutes Summer Institute is what we are most known for. Every summer, since the summer of ’92, the Summer Institute offers students an intensive and enriching 6-week program in college -level study. Students from all over New York City are given the opportunity to gain credits and take entry-level STEM courses students at CCNY take, opening doors to a limitless, successful future.