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STEM Institute Partners with the College Now Program

Free Available Offerings for DOE Public School High School Students

Grade levels: 10th grade (2nd-semester ) -12th grade

College Now Program Eligibility: 

  1. A minimum major course average of 80
  2. A minimum score of 75 on the NYS English Language Arts Regents exam or A minimum score of 480 on the PSAT/SAT E-BRW; or A minimum score of 20 on the ACT
  3. Math Diagnostic hosted by STEM Institute for all Math courses

** Applicants without exam scores must have an overall 75% GPA in English, in addition to an overall 80 GPA.
Applicants must have completed 3 academic semesters of high school. **

The City College of New York Campus: 160 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10031
& Partner High Schools in Washington Heights:
Gregorio Luperon for Science & Mathematics: 501 W 165th St, New York, NY 10032
Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics: 260 Pleasant Ave, New York, NY 10029

College Now Course Offerings:

AES 19903: Explorations in Architecture This architecture and design program involves a series of exercises that incorporate issues of critical thinking, aesthetics, structural integrity and the inherent properties of materials. There will be readings that correspond to the curriculum. Students will be assigned design projects that will culminate in an exhibition, presentation and critique. (3 hr/wk; 3cr)

BIO 10004: Human Biology A Biology course for non-science majors that emphasizes the function of the human body. Medical issues relating to personal and community health, as well as ethical issues will be discussed. (4 hr/wk; 3 cr)

ECO 10001: Financial Management This course examines a wide range of financial decisions that people make in their business lives as well as in their personal lives. Using case studies, real-world examples, analytical tools and guest speakers, this course provides students with an introduction to the basic theory and practice of finance. The purpose of the class is to introduce students to the world of finance and for students to obtain greater comfort making the major financial decisions their life journey will require. (3 hr/wk; 3 cr)

ECO 10050: Startups – An Experiential Exercise This course is about how to assess a concept or product in the framework of a business opportunity. This includes assessing whether an idea has market appeal (product/market fit), figuring out a business model, determining the market potential and understanding the key elements of a successful venture. (3 hr/wk; 3 cr)

ENGL 11000: Freshman Composition Explore and analyze, in writing and reading, a variety of genres and rhetorical situations. Develop strategies for reading, drafting, collaborating, revising, and editing. (3 hr/wk; 3 cr)

MATH 19000: College Algebra and Trigonometry Introduction to algebraic expressions and equations, rational expressions, exponents, functions and their graphs, trigonometric functions on the unit circle, and right triangle trig. Prereq.: STEM Math placement or by subsequent examination. (3 hr/wk; 3 cr)

MATH 19500: Precalculus Intervals, inequalities, operations on functions, inverse functions, graphing polynomial functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions and formulas. Prereq.: A grade of C or above in MATH 19000 or STEM Math placement. (3 hr/wk; 3 cr)

MATH 20100: Calculus I Limits, continuity, derivatives, differentiation and its applications, differentials, definite and indefinite integrals. Prerequisite: grade of C or higher in Math 19500 or STEM Math placement. (4 hr/wk; 4 cr)


MCA 23300: Introduction to Journalism This course introduces students to the basics of reporting and writing for the print and broadcast media. A hands-on course, students learn the rigors of journalism through covering stories. (3 hr/wk; 3 cr)

PHYS 10000: Ideas of Physics An introductory survey course in general physics, where you will have ample opportunities to improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills through analyzing real world situations. The fundamentals of physics will be explored in a student-centered learning environment. It is highly recommended that students an understanding and knowledge of algebra and geometry. (4 hr/wk; 3 cr)

PSC 10100: United States Politics and Government An overview of American government. Analysis focuses on three major areas: the Constitution and the debates of the Founding era, America’s political institutions and processes, and the political behavior of the American public. Attention is also paid to major public policies. This course is a 3 credit college course and 1 high school credit that may be equivalent to the NYC DOE U.S. History and Government course (check with your high school). (3 hr/wk; 3 cr)

PSY 10200: Applications of Psychology in the Modern World An introduction to the study of human development and learning, personality and motivation, sex differences, attitudes, aggressions, interpersonal attraction, behavior in groups and work settings,abnormalbehaviorand its treatment. Emphasizes on the ways in which psychological theory and research can be applied to individual and social problems. Students are responsible for submitting research papers on related topics. (3 hr/wk; 3 cr)

PSY 24600: Introduction To Human Development: Infancy & Childhood Topics include genetic considerations; prenatal development; the characteristics of the neonate; cognitive processes; language development; personality changes; early socialization; moral development. Pre-requisite: PSY 10200 (3 hr/wk; 3cr)

SCI 31920: Introduction to Game Programming This class introduces students to digital game development through the game engine Unity. Students learn the basics of the Unity interface and the fundamentals of programming in C#. Students will create simple game prototypes as assignments to learn core programming concepts. No prior programming knowledge is necessary, although assignments will be tailored to individual student’s programming experience. (3 hr/wk; 3 cr)

Tips to Submit your College Now Application: 

Tip 1: Please access our application exclusively through Internet Explorer or Safari. Using other internet browsers may limit your ability to utilize all features of the application or submit it successfully.

Tip2: Determine if this is your first time enrolling at the City College of New York as a College Now student.
If Yes: NEW applicants with NO prior CUNY College Now experience and/or have been enrolled in a different CUNY College Now program must apply using the CCNY CUNY College Now online application:

Submit your CUNY Parent/Guardian Consent Form OR CUNY Media Consent Form (ONLY for students 18 or older) via: 

 **The CCNY Immunization Record form must be sent to the Student Health Services Office after you are accepted into the College Now program. **

If No: CCNY CollegeNow Returning (previously enrolled at CCNY) students must apply using the

As a returning student you ONLY need to submit an updated CUNY Parent/Guardian consent form OR CUNY Media Consent Form via:

Tip 3: Please be aware that for your CN application to be considered, you must apply and submit your required documents before the deadline. Please ensure that all documents are in PDF format, as pictures, screenshots, or mailed submissions will not be accepted. Utilize only the designated link that corresponds to your application.

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STEM Institute Partners with the College Now Program